Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mid June News

Much to our amazement, many waters are still RISING! Despite this, we are working hard to find the exceptions and are having success. Some fish are even rising (enter winky emoticon here heh heh heh). The ant patterns continue to work well while a smattering of other bug "sightings" are kicking-in. On a recent day out, we even saw this hefty stone.
Jimmie and client Jack had a good volley of days out sleuthing a small stream that was responding well. Thank you Jack for the glowing testimonial as well! The key is persistence.
With 8 feet of snow in upper Yosemite, below normal water temperature east of Oakhurst in the Seirra Nat'l Forest and no hatch to match Jimmie and Bernard found fish and I landed wild trout on dry flies. Remote fishing holes on clear cold water streams with wild trout makes for a great experience. Without a hatch I didn't think dry flies would work. " We'll just make them come to the surface" Enough said. They delivered.

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