Saturday, June 25, 2011

Late June Updates

A few fresh items to share with our friends ...

The waters continue to rage in most Sierra streams unless you are near their headwaters and they don't feed off of existing snowpack. Despite all of this, we must persist and one of our fave streams has opened up recently. This spot has browns, brookies and exceptional rainbows although those are far and few between. Bernard and Byron came to a spot where they were caught off guard by an unusually stubborn group of fish and here's one of the ones that finally was caught (and released) after some chuckles and tweaks to fly selection and presentation.
Meanwhile, the shop is open more and more with our "reliable" hours being roughly 10-5 Weds.-Sun. As we closed up today, the fly fishing gods smiled upon us with this little gift on our front door. Please pop by and visit us! We're right on the 41 as you head towards the park heading out of Oakhurst but still in town. Click HERE for more info.