Thursday, August 04, 2011

Late July + Early August News

We continue to be amazed by how late certain waters are "turning on". Of course we are also starting to find it rewarding. As of late July and even early August we are both witnessing and hearing of rainbows migrating to spawn! This isn't even at high elevations. Bigger waters such as the Kings and Merced have come alive and once you adjust to the higher flows, the fishing is solid. The smaller streams remain strong. Some of them unusually pretty and verdant. Below, Mike and Katherine work an idyllic pool after a long day sampling various Yosemite streams with us.
Bernard and Steve work on a good drift on the Kings River.
Perfecting a bow and arrow cast, Bill nabbed this scrappy Kings River bow.
A high meadow stream alive with color and plants.
An overcast day produced a flurry of browns.
Cole nabbed a solid brookie in the Tuolumne drainage. This fish was latched onto a smaller brookie which he hooked and was determined to not let go. We netted two fish. A rare and bizarre "food chain moment"
Gordon Johnson instructs on the Merced.
Myron nabbed a stout small stream brown while out with Rick Mazaria. See the next picture.
What a crazy fish!
One of the forks of the Tuolumne looking beautiful and fishing well.
This photo is a delight. One leaves the heat of the valley and heads for trout city!
Overcast conditions can inspire the fish.
Last but not least, champion angler Victor Gonzalez from Spain had a day out with Bernard and fish had no chance.

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