Friday, August 26, 2011

Yosemite Access and the 140 Closure

Dear Friends,

A fair warning to all that fire, natural or otherwise, is part of the grand scheme of things in these parts. Unfortunately, a fire event has closed the 140. We urge you to plan carefully if travelling in and out of the park. A few tips that come to mind:
- Travel EARLY (or late). Holiday season traffic can be bad enough without the closure. Early and late hours at all gates usually mean smooth sailing.
- If you are booked with us for a day of fishing, you may wish to have a quick discussion a day or two beforehand with your guide. Your fishing destination and or rendez-vous point may be affected. Luckily, we are not relying purely on fishing destinations in the 140 region.

For more information on the Highway 140 road closure call Caltrans at (800)427-7623

Drive Safely,
Sierra Fly Fisher

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