Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Indicator Fishing

As a guide service we tend to prefer the dry fly experience. That said, we offer a fun little stream report entry playing with this question: What kind of indicator do we LIKE? Well, we have decided that an indicator isn't just a small balloon or a puff of yarn. It's not even a grasshopper (fly). We like indicators such as overcast days, shifts in stream levels, grasshoppers all over the bank, PMDs stuck to your clothes etc. Those are the indicators. This year, we are finding these indicators numerous and a delight for they have been helping us fish most effectively.

Depending on where you are, you will find fish targeting these delicate mayflies.
At high altitudes, these fungi have been plentiful after the random afternoon drizzles.

Despite murky post-storm water and deer getting busy streamside, we have found certain areas fishing unusually well. We love this stuff!

The USGS river gauges are a great source of information as we monitor the ups and downs. Note the two very different peaks resultant from high altitude weather events.

And, alas, the payoff!

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