Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Trout

Fall has brought some see saws in the weather but provided that you are ready to work and hunt, you can be rewarded. On a recent day out with Bernard, Mike and his son Matt got treated to a run on the Merced where an unusually large bow took Matt here for a ride. See photo below. October caddis activity is very regionalized and can also vary from night to night. Just be ready! We foresee the next few weeks to be excellent fishing and will continue to work until regulations or climate dictate otherwise. Call us for up-to-date info.
Dick and Jeanne get the A for effort award. Jeannie landing this fish after gaining a much needed extra few feet on a cast to a good seam. Dick persisted with stellar form and tangled at the 11th hour with a fish we couldn't stop.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Street and Stream and Steam Report

Well, we have Hwy 41 still subject to construction delays. Be very prepared. Late into the night huge trucks are hauling asphalt through Oakhurst towards the road between the South entrance and Glacier Pt. and beyond. Also note the warm weather. This spell will abate. It makes for wonderful days in the mountains where it's cooler and as dusk sets in we have been observing a huge variety of insects. Everything from tiny mayflies to the classic October caddis are making a showing in abundance. Sloppy and skittery drifts with various caddis patterns are provoking takes. The more water you cover, the better. Keep moving!

Early morning and the lines begin...
 Bernard's hand-eye coordination had a little to be desired here. Despite the great fall colors and the cliffs int he background, what he really wanted was Bambi. See the ears in the lower part of the photo?
What do guides do when off duty? They scout new spots. Gordy nails a chrome beauty at dusk.
Temperatures, well-above cold.

Monday, October 11, 2010

October Caddis

The caddis activity is on the increase including the legendary October caddis. This Merced fish was taken at dusk earlier tonight on the "Noctober" caddis.

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A Fall Report

The conditions continue to prove good. In the afternoon sun while casting a hopper over the cool waters, Malcom Tomes, with very little coaching nailed this beautiful bow. It ran all over the place and with deft foot Malcom gave chase as the drag sang. Smiles all around.
The previous day and at a much higher altitude, Elizabeth took to bow and arrow casting like nobody's business. Too much fun!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Simple Math: A passing front + spike in flows = good fishing

We HATE that saying "That's why they call it fishing not catching". We like to think that persistence pays off. Well, a little science doesn't hurt either. Trout being "cold water species" do, in fact, prefer cool water and although our summer was somewhat mild, the streams do get warm. The recent weather that has made the fish frisky has also bumped flows and cooled the water on the Merced in just the right fashion. October Caddis season is upon us and they are starting to show as well. The Sierra in general has been fishing great just about anywhere we have been guiding.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Wacky Weather and Frisky Fish Continued

We have been impressed by the number of folks braving the elements and stopping by the shop. A few things come to mind. For starters, this front will pass soon and fall will really feel like fall. This means great angling. This bow was taken recently from the Merced during an "ugly" day...
We are also chompin' at the bit in anticipation for the appearance of the October caddis. Anticipation is also high for a significant spike in "brown trout friskyness" and we couldn't be happier. Browns love fall and they love "weather". This coming weekend we'll have co-host and special guest Andrew Maurer at Mono Hot Springs. For those of you with a soft spot for photography, you may wish to join us for our evening "hang time" at the restaurant there. Andrew's photos speak for themselves. See: as well as his recent Eastern Sierra. Sample photo below.

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Monday, October 04, 2010

Oct. 3-4 Update - Wacky Weather and Frisky Fish

The early signs that fall is turning to winter are best interpreted as a sign to drive even that much more carefully and to fish that much MORE! We have had some weather it is true. With this trend, the fish, especially the browns get extra frisky. All that nifty gear that you scored at REI and Adventure 16 etc. is put to good use here. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Despite the precipitation, the temps are strangely tropical in places. Here are some gems from over the past few days.
Goldens remain part of the checklist of target species well into. fall. Gary and Jimmie had a successful session for these gems.
Staging browns are only getting hotter. Arnie shows off a solid specimen.
Jordan (and nice brown) puts up with Jimmie's instruction on how to pose with a fish.

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Oct. 2 Update

Browns showing nicely as well as an pleasant spicing of other species. Weather is looking perfect as well with overcast and sometimes stormy skies BUT yes manageable temps.

Golden with unusually numerous parr marks

Hog golden!

Irene celebrates a golden that took many many drifts to coax..
Good times!